14 November 2012

Posters fresh from the press

En bunt affischer dök nyss upp från tryckeriet. Många är stora och några är jättstora. Några äldre och några nyare motiv. Älskar känslan av papper. 

13 November 2012

Göran Cerviengs hjärta

Det här är Göran Cerviengs hjärta. Eller vad som ska bli. 

Skiss på poster till Skara Skolscens uppsättning av En Uppstoppad Hund är det iallafall med säkerhet : ) 

12 October 2012


a while ago I had this sweet little cup of coffee
(which I, of course, instagrammed) 
the morning after I had the unusual luck of having a long morning in bed


if you want to find me, search for ninalindgren : )

10 September 2012

2 September 2012

home made tamagotchi

i made this (improved) tamagotchi fifteen years ago

14 August 2012

8 August 2012


for a loveyewear event

7 August 2012

18 July 2012

oh breakfast!

blackredwhite breakfast at work / mini pastry and black coffee / best cappuccino at cocovaja

 sunny cinnamon bun / saturday breakfast at home / another saturday at home

oh sunday!

at Finefood in Stockholm / yoghurt and malarone after Africa / black coffee, homemade apple macaron and yoghurt

15 July 2012

through instagram


indoor clouds

city lake

let's go


9 July 2012

glara, tea, suffering dog and a hat

a cover i've made for swedish quartet Glara
i will show you more photos from this later on

my brother drew this many years ago
"lidande" means suffering
i bought a hat and went to africa
stuff i carry around

ps. i'm ninalindgren at instagram

2 March 2012

Papercraft 2 - Cardboard Heaven

Oh, en bok. Papercraft 2. Låt oss kika lite på insidan.

The Berlin-based Gestalten Verlag released Papercraft 2 in 2011.
I was one of the happy contributors with my Cardboard Heaven scupture. : )
If you would like to buy it you can find it here, among other places. 

(they have also published one of my favorite books: beyond architecture. check it out too : )

21 February 2012

20 February 2012


70x100 work in progress

18 February 2012

more sketches for trio gordon

more sketches for swedish jazz band trio gordon